...sorry about the picture, I don't take selfies, but that's a binturong hanging from my neck if you were curious. :D

I'm Stephen Janusz...also known as the Tattoo Giant....I'm one of the tallest tattooers in the world, but I'm still pretty friendly! :DI have been tattooing off and on for about 10 years and have a bachelor's degree in illustration from the Columbus College of Art & Design.  I have been involved in Columbus's art scene for a long time and look forward to continuing that relationship, by not only housing some of the best tattooers in the state but also working with and show casing other talented artists work from around the area.  So stick with us and give us a follow on Facebook and Instagram and help us grow and spread the art!!!

    Now let's get to the good stuff!  I am currently opening my own shop in the heart of Uptown Westerville!  It's a beautiful setting and the shop will reflect that once we sweep up the dust!  But a lot of people have stepped up to help me both financially and others with much needed elbow grease, so a huge thanks to everyone that has and continues to help me!

Above are examples of my work!  I do everything from funky new school to realism.  I do mainly large pieces but don't mind doing some small jammers from time to time!  The best is if you come up with a theme or idea and then we work together to make a custom piece that we will both be proud of, whether large or small!

Please follow me on instagram @thetattoogiant to see the latest works as well as deals and cancellation opportunities!!!