White Raven has some of the best artists, each with their own styles and years of experience.

No matter what you're looking for, we will find the right artist!




Each of our artists have very strong backgrounds in grey-scale and and realism, it is one of the staples of the shop.



We house one of the best 'new school' artists in the state!  2 of our artists have degrees in illustration, and 2 very unique styles!



Whether your looking for a simple walk-in or a full back-piece, we are custom shop and your design begins with the pencil.



Where you can find us!

We are located in the heart of Uptown Westerville!  We are on the second floor above Asterisk.  We have parking just off Main Street and we have 2 front doors, feel free to use either one and don't mind the long hallway and stairs...but we are up there :DBut feel free to give us a call if you get turned around!  (614) 717-8277


14 N State Street suite 2,  Westerville OH 43081

Business Hours:

Closed Sunday and Monday

Tuesday - Saturday: 12 - 7pm